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Guided Examples provide narrated and animated, step-by-step walkthroughs of algorithmic versions of assigned exercises. This allows students to identify, review or reinforce the concepts and activities covered in class. Guided Examples provide immediate feedback and focus on the areas where students need the most guidance.

Simple LMS Integration

All it takes is one click and Connect seamlessly integrates with every learning management system out there. Quickly access registration, attendance, assignments, grades and course resources in real time in one go-to location.

Algorithmic Questions

Algorithmic capability within Connect Accounting provides instructors with the ability to assign unique data for each exercise and each attempt, providing an infinite number of assignments with solutions. Consequently, students can work the same problem structure with different number sets until they master the task. The immediate scoring and feedback options in Connect Accounting help guide and optimize student learning.

Overcome time constraints and busy student schedules

With simple, one-click recording students can access your class lectures at anytime from anywhere an internet connection is accessible. A powerful keyword search function quickly pinpoints needed information. Easy access outside of class combined with a rich user experience translates into more learning opportunities and better prepared students.

End of Chapter and Testbank Content

Connect includes direct textbook End-of-Chapter problem material, select Algorithmic problem material, and Test Bank questions. Assign students online homework, test and quiz questions with multiple problem types, algorithmic variation, and randomized question order. This fully integrated solution helps students master the concepts, practice problems and ultimately achieve success.

Make sure your students have all their course materials from day one

Connect’s Courtesy Access program allows students full temporary access to Connect before they’re required to purchase an access code. Instructors can assign coursework the first day of class so any student awaiting financial aid or textbook arrival has a 14-day cushion to count on.

Keeps you organized and productive

So long to piles of paper and stacks of folders. With Connect’s safe storage system, all of your favorite teaching materials—PowerPoint files, manuals, assessments and more—are in one virtual location.

Download PDF Financial and Managerial Accounting Chapters
Download PDF Financial and Managerial Accounting Chapters ...
Accounting in the Digital Era: Viewing Financial Documents
Accounting in the Digital Era: Viewing Financial Documents ...
[PDF Download] Financial Accounting and MyAccountingLab
[PDF Download] Financial Accounting and MyAccountingLab ...
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